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The Columbarium

is a Grade 11 listed building and was designed by Col. A E Kirk and completed by Messrs Kirk and Tomlinson in 1933. It is a single storey building in Classical style of red brick and Portland stone with a pantile roof and marble details. Inside there is a WW2 memorial and tiers of niches containing cinerary urns. There are also niches covered by memorial stones in the cloister area and all other outside walls of the building.

The term “Columbarium” is derived from the Latin “columba” (“dove” or “pigeon”) and it originally referred to a pigeon house or dovecote. Columbaria were common during the early Roman Empire when cremation was normal practice.

The Columbarium is now full and so “Sanctums” have been provided along the inside of the low walls in the grounds of the building.

It is a stunning building and looks magnificent surrounded by the trees and landscaping and is one of the jewels of the cemetery.