Grave Spotlight

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Below is a list of Graves that have appeared in previous issues of our Newsletters

James Graham 1869 – 1931

 James Graham is buried in Lawnswood Cemetery far from his birthplace in Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire. His parents were agricultural labourers and…


Joseph Clark 1856-1939

This impressive black polished granite monument commemorates Joseph Clark and various family members, at least eight of whom are interred…


Obadiah Nussey 1812-1902

  Obadiah Nussey, Esq., JP, Chairman of the Textile Industries and Dyeing Committees (1875-1902) Born November 1812 in Leeds, Obadiah…


Peter Laycock 1837-1905

The life of Peter Laycock was one of struggle, perseverance and success. Peter Laycock’s contribution to the city and people of…