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Welcome to the website of the Friends of Lawnswood Cemetery! We are a small community organisation formed in 2011. Our aim is to enhance, protect and promote the cemetery for future generations.
Opened in 1875, the original 10-acre Victorian site is now designated as a ”Park or Garden of Special Historic Interest” with Historic England, and contains Grade 2 listed buildings and monuments. It has expanded over the years to its current 53 acres, and has been owned and managed by Leeds City Council since they took it over from the Leeds Burial Board in 1972.
 It is a lovely place to visit, offering a woodland setting which creates a habitat for nature. Many of the graves are of key figures in the history of the successful development of the city of Leeds. The monuments and buildings are of architectural, historical and artistic interest, and it is a peaceful environment in which to walk, or sit on one of the many benches and contemplate.
 The website will give you information about the history of the cemetery, as well as ”spotlights” on individuals of interest buried here. There are articles of wider interest, and information on the activities of the Friends group as well as a gallery of photographs.
 We have a monthly “Action Day” on the first Saturday of every month where volunteers meet and work in the cemetery under the direction of the Council ranger and head gardener for Lawnswood. We want to keep it looking as good as possible in respect for all those laid to rest there; for those who designed and built this outstanding cemetery, and of course for current visitors. Interested in joining us? Find out more by clicking on “Action Days”.
 To get in touch with us, click on “contact us” to send an email, or why not become a member? Click on “Join us” for more information. All the support we receive is very much appreciated. If you are visiting a grave, memorial or cremated remains of a friend or relative, or just walking through the grounds, we hope you find peace and comfort in this beautiful cemetery.