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To our Action Day volunteers- I am thinking about you all as we would have been meeting up today, 2nd May, to work in the cemetery. How much I am missing it! Anne has very kindly been taking some photographs as she has walked round using the cemetery for her daily walk! These have been shared on our Facebook page for those of you who use it. Thank you, Anne! When we get back we will need to pick up on the tree training some of us did and try and get that working. Nick is currently working on an educational programme for children to encourage learning in the cemetery, and we will have a lot of work to catch up on with the shrubbery growth no doubt, getting that back under control. So, there will be plenty to think about and occupy us once we are back, whenever that is. The Committee is continuing to meet virtually each month to keep in touch and encourage progress on those areas of work we can do from home, such as the wording for the proposed lecterns. I hope everyone is keeping well and coping with the restrictions we are all living under. How much more than ever will we appreciate our time together working in the cemetery when we are able to get back there! A few people have said to me how much more they are noticing the birdsong just around and about, particularly with less traffic noise to compete with. I bet the birdsong at the cemetery is lovely too! So, take care everyone, and I will be back with another up-date next month. Janice Chair of the Friends of Lawnswood Cemetery